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This page will help you learn how to use the <verbatim> wiki tag.

What is Verbatim?[]

In wiki code, only some HTML tags are allowed. HTML tags tell your web browser how to display content.
However, sometimes there is need to use further tags. This is where Verbatim is used. Verbatim allows creating pure HTML content, whcih can allow doing beyond what the ordinary wiki marup can do.

How it's done?[]

Before the adding Verbatim tag, the content that you want to display using Verbatim needs to be added to a MediaWiki page. Only admins can edit MediaWiki pages, but if you are not an admin and think there is need to create one, you can contact an admin.

  • Note: Make sure that the MediaWiki page name is not used by System Messages!

Suppose you created a MediaWiki page named MediaWiki:Foo. In order to use Verbatim, add an opening (<verbatim>) and closing (</verbatim>) verbatim tags, and between them add the MediaWiki page name (without the beginning of MediaWiki:). For example:



Suppose i want to embed this SWF file into a page, for some reason. I would add to MediaWiki:Verbatim example the following content:

<embed width="130" height="70" name="plugin" src="http://media1.clubpenguin.com/play/v2/content/global/clothing/icons/1341.swf" type="application/x-shockwave-flash">

Now, to embed the MediaWiki page, i would add:

<verbatim>Verbatim example</verbatim>

Which results (a red border was added so you can notice easily):