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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ykFgaNHvm6I (by Zierion)
A conversation between a man and an ISP's customer support employee

<employee> but- yeah, but our internet speed is much greater
<caller>   Your speed is 10 mega [MB/s]
<employee> 10 mega, but that's not the same 10 mega as 012's
<caller>   10 mega is 10 mega. Listen, I'm driving my car at 100 km/h; My brother is driving his car at 100 km/h but it's not the same 100 km/h
<employee> But... ok, but your brother drives a... he has... suppose you have, I don't know... a Daihatsu and he has a BMW
<caller>   Great, he has a BMW and I'm driving a Daihatsu. We're both driving at 100 km/h. Isn't it the same 100 km/h?
<employee> 100 km/h. And who will arrive first?
<caller>   I swear, if we drive at 100 km/h, we'll both arrive at the exact same time
<employee> I'm sure you won't
<caller>   What do you mean we won't?
<employee> Wouldn't the BMW arrive faster than the Daihatsu?
<caller>   If we drive at 100 km/h, then no...
<employee> Yeah... -No??!
<employee> Isn't the speed of the BMW much greater than the speed of the Daihatsu?
<employee> In terms of the car, operationally?
<caller>   Uh... the speed...? 100 km/h is 100 km/h... Man, I gotta distribute this phone call