SWF Tricks
2021 notice:
To avoid Adobe from blocking flash rendering, set your computer time to 2020 or earlier while decompiling and/or rendering swf files as a temporary fix.

As you may know, the top of SWF icons in Club Penguin (and other SWF files) is usually cut, and in additional, the dimensions of the file are small. This tutorial shows both how to move it down, and also how to increase their size.


  1. Download the relevant file.
  2. Open it with SWiX.
    • If your SWiX version opens the tag list of the file by default and doesn't display it as raw XML, switch to XML mode via the View tab at the top.
  3. Copy the entire document (Ctrl+A and Ctrl+C). Pass the content through one of the converters below.
  4. Replace the old content in SWiX with the output, and save using Ctrl+S, or using Ctrl+Alt+S for saving as.
    • If your SWiX version opens the tag list of the file by default (as mentioned in stage #1), press Ctrl+Enter to apply your changes before saving- otherwise the old version will be saved.
  5. Remove the XML content from SWiX and replace it with the output that you copied.
  6. In order to save:

When you're done, you can use Kurst SWF Renderer to get a PNG version of the file (since this converter increases the file size, keep the content scale option of Kurst set to 1, since it should be big enough). You can then crop the image.


Common values

Before converting, there are several "golden values" that you should be aware of:

SWF type Values
X-axis shifting Y-axis shifting Scaling value Window size
Clothing/furniture icons 1000 1000 40 4000
Furniture sprites 1100 1100 12 2300

Local Python conversion

This feature, developed by Hey.youcp, is a quick method that allows you to convert files directly from your computer, without the need to load webpages other than the SWF document.
Before using this, you'd need to have Python 3.x downloaded, and save the script's source as a .py file in your computer (recommended to save it on your Desktop or in another easy-access folder).

Once you're done, you will be able to easily convert the XML content

  1. Save the XML from SWiX using a text editor (or an XML editor) on the same folder as the .py file. Let's suppose, just for these steps, that you named it foobar.xml.
  2. Execute the Python file, and follow the instructions.
  3. When done, your output will be saved on a separate file, named foobar_rescaled.xml (essentially your original file name + the word "_rescaled").
  4. Paste the output to SWiX and save.

For more information about this, check out Hey.youcp's guide.

Quick Drop

The following online alternative works similarly, but instead of the command line, it uses input boxes. Modify the units if you need to, and then press "go" to get the output. When done,