SWF Tricks



This tutorial shows how to extract PNG images from SWF files.

Using Kurst SWF RendererEdit

Programs used in this tutorial: Kurst SWF Renderer.

You can use Kurst SWF Renderer for extracting PNG images from files. Follow the steps here for instructions for doing this.

Using a web browserEdit

You can open a SWF file in a web browser by one of these ways:

  • Open a web browser and drag the file from the computer to the browser's window.
  • Right click a file, select "Open with" and then choose the web browser that you want to use.

Then, take a screenshot of the file by pressing the Print Screen button in your keyboard (above "Delete"), or if you're using a laptop, by pressing FN + Home.
Now you can paste the image into an image editor, like Photoshop or GIMP. In case the image was larger than the browser's window, you can take several screenshots of each one of its parts, and then combine them using an image editor.

Using SWF OpenerEdit

Programs used in this tutorial: SWF Opener.

You can also open a SWF file using SWF Opener and then take screenshots, like in the instructions above.

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