SWF Tricks



There are several ways to extract raster graphic files that is embedded in a SWF file. Some of them are listed here.

Using Flash Decompiler TrillixEdit

Instructions for using Trillix:

  1. Open a SWF file.
  2. Go to the Images file list on the right.
  3. Find the iamge that you want.
  4. Export it. It would be extracted as its original file type.

Using SwfModify and Kurst SWF RendererEdit

  1. Instructions for using SwfModify and Kurst SWF Renderer:
  2. Open the file in SwfModify.
  3. Use the Modify button for viewing its resources. Locate the image that you want.
  4. Export it.
  5. Open Kurst, and choose the image's SWF file.
  6. Set the Content scale to 1, and start converting.
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