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SWF Tricks
2021 notice:
To avoid Adobe from blocking flash rendering, set your computer time to 2020 or earlier while decompiling and/or rendering swf files as a temporary fix.

This page is for tutorials involved with pins.

Required programs[]

Pins in rooms[]

This tutorial is for positioning the pin properly in an image of a room where it is hidden.

  1. Download the room file and the pin's room trigger file.
  2. Open the room file with JPEXS and delete unneeded shapes (e.g. blackout and shapes for moving to games or nearby rooms). Then save.
  3. Generate a PNG file of the room using Kurst. Set the seconds to 1, frame rate to 1, and the content scale to whatever scaling you like.
  4. Export to your desktop the Movie Clip that is responsible for the pin's file (use these steps if additional styling is applied on the file's frame). Generate a PNG image using Kurst with the same scaling.
  5. Get the pin's coordinates from the room JSON file. If picked, multiply by the scaling number from stage 3 (the X value is the distance from the left, and the Y value is the distance from the top).
  6. Open the room image with GIMP, and create guiding lines by holding the units bar and dragging to the correct horizontal and vertical coordinates (you'd see the guide line's position as a number at the bottom.
  7. Once you got both a horizontal (Y value) and a vertical (X value) guiding lines, copy the pin image to the room image, and drag it in a way that its center would be position at the intersection of the 2 lines.
  8. Merge down and save your image.