SWF Tricks



The following is a tutorial that shows how to use CPItems' files to load any SWF file, whether or not it's from Club Penguin. This method also allows you to load components that you've extracted from a swf file, and otherwise cannot be displayed by pointing to an existing swf file).

  1. Download the CPItems SWF file (such as this one) and also the file that you'd like to load (or extract a component from).
  2. Open SWiX, and load the CPItems file that you've downloaded. If the display is not as XML, go to the View tab and select "Movie XML".
  3. Replace the <Constant Name=".swf" /> with <Constant Name="" />.
  4. Replace the URL from <Constant Name="" /> with the adress of the file in your computer (such as file:///C:/Users/USERNAME/Desktop/file_name.swf).
  5. Save the file and open it in your web browser or in SWF Opener.
    • If in step 2 you had to switch the display, select "Play.." in the File tab (Ctrl+Enter) and close the popup window before saving.
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