SWF Opener is a free downloadable program that allows viewing SWF files without using a web browser.

SWF Opener Interface

The interface of SWF Opener


Loading filesEdit

To open a file in SWF Opener, go to the File menu and select Open, or by pressing hte directory icons in the top navigation bar. Then select the folder in your computer on which you saved a SWF file, and then select and load it. You can also use keyboard shortcuts for opening files (e.g. Ctrl+O in Windows).
A list of the recent loaded files is found in the File menu. You can select one of them to load it again (unless it has been deleted from your computer).


SWF Opener has 4 different scale modes for viewing files:

  • Show All (SA)- fits the height of the image to the window's size, without affecting the proportions of the image.
  • Exact Fit (EF- Distorts the image to fit 100% of the window's height and width.
  • No Border (NB)- gits the width of the image to the window's size, without affecting the proportions of the image.
  • No Scale (NS)- Displaying the file by its original width and height.

Thsoe options are accessible through the View menu and from the top navigation by the matching buttons.

Full screenEdit

There is also an option for viewing files in full screen. It is accessible from the View menu, and also from the arrows button in the top navigation bar.

Background colorEdit

The background's color can be changed by pressing the B button on the top navigation or from the View menu. It changes the background color behind the file that is displayed in SWF Opener.


  • Note that the window of SWF Opener contains an outline that also appears in full screen. If you take screenshots of files from the window, note that the outline is still there and you may need to remove it for several uses.
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