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SWF Tricks is a series of pages meant to help you handling .swf files and give you tips for how to extract files and export raster images from SWF files.
You can use the info here for uplaoding images to the wiki, to your blog or site, etc.

SWF Tricks
2021 notice:
To avoid Adobe from blocking flash rendering, set your computer time to 2020 or earlier while decompiling and/or rendering swf files as a temporary fix.

Key programs[]

You may find some downloadable programs helpful for extracting SWF files and PNG files from SWF files, and handling those files. The links below lead to their pages, that contain information about how to use them, which will be relevant for most of the tutorials.

Free programs[]



Some of the listed tutorials contain more than 1 method of work. Some of those methods may require usage of some of the listed programs on the upper section or other extensions.

Program and Tools usage[]

Main article: Project:SWF Tricks/Programs

A quick review of programs that may help you in the tutorials.


Main article: Project:SWF Tricks/Tutorials

A list of all tutorials.